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Your Weight Scale is a Liar! Where The Numbers Come From

Oh how you love the weight scale. Every-time you hop on it’s like Christmas, maybe you were naughty maybe you were nice. You wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, strip down completely and hop on the scale. Only to realize it’s not going where you wanted it to go. Maybe it has […]

Two Ultimate Exercises for Burning Fat

Two Ultimate Exercises for Burning Fat If your goal is to be burn fat, be strong, and get fit, which it needs be, then the following two movements should be staples in your routine! The Burpee: The relationship between a person and their burpee workout can be somewhat of a love/hate thing. They’re hard enough to make you cry […]

4 Reasons Personal Trainers Rock

And how personal trainers can get you results without fad diets and expensive supplements.

12 Fat Loss Tips To Burn Through Stubborn Belly Fat

12 Fat Loss Tips To Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat


  1. Eat less than you burn
  2. Add in extra interval cardio
  3. Eat protein with every meal
  4. Stop performing isolation exercises and do heavy compound exercises to boost results
  5. Make sure to portion out your healthy fats
  6. Stay hydrated
  7. Limit starchy carbs to only post workout
  8. Eat breakfast every day
  9. Take fish oil supplements
  10. Get a full nights rest
  11. Stop running like a marathoner and more like a sprinter
  12. Stop doing hundreds of crunches every day

Timing your Strength and Cardio workouts throughout the week.

I’ve had tons of clients ask me about how they should be timing their workouts.

Can I work out twice in the same day?

Should I do cardio or strength first?fitness girl push up

What about working out on back to back days?

Generally it will depend on what you’re looking to do.  You can work out twice in a day and on back to back strength training days.  But you have to be careful to not over exert yourself, especially if you’re not used to exercising consistently.

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Weight Training

Weight Training Debunked


Weight training is something that is highly misunderstood by a majority of the public today, whether they’re into fitness or not.

What I’m going to do is list the myths and why they’re not actually true.



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