Personal Trainers For The Win

Personal trainers may be your ticket to success.

Personal trainers and personal training may be relatively new to you.

You may be thinking they cost too much because there is a lot of debate about whether or not a personal trainer is worth it.

Having trained for a number of years, I can tell you that it all depends on the trainer and facility you choose.


A personal trainer’s biggest benefit to you is accountability.

Hands down, the number one reason to hire a personal trainer is due to the accountability that they provide.

If you look at the highest level athletes in the world, the one thing they always have is accountability.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, coach, teammate, or personal trainer, they always have someone that they have to show up for.

It’s the same reason that having a workout partner will help you get better results in the gym.

It’s also the same reason that a personal trainer is so helpful.

Lastly you’re paying for your trainer to get you results.  I have always believed that you need to have some skin in the game.  It’s easy to give up twenty or thirty dollars a month, but what about a couple of hundred dollars?  If you’re invested in your training then you’re automatically going to increase the time you spend in the gym.


Personal trainers provide consistency.

Consistency is something that a lot of people tend to miss out on when it comes to getting in shape.  They may work out a few days a week for a month and then not show up again for a month.  This inconsistency is what can ruin results.  Once you get your body into the rhythm of working out, it will continue to get better and better.

But that can be very difficult sometimes.  The holidays, vacations, and just times you’re too tired to make it to the gym.

You know what fixes all of that?

A personal trainer.

If you’re paying for a trainer you’re not going to skip out just because you’re tired.  You’re also going to feel obligated to make it to your session because you have them waiting on you.


Personal trainers provide motivation.

How hard is it to get into the gym most days of the week and be excited about it?

How hard is it to have a positive attitude when you’re not getting the results you want?

Well that’s where your personal trainer comes into play.

They’re going to be there with you, through thick and thin, no matter what’s going on.

It’s always funny because I tell clients that some days we’re a personal trainer, some days a therapist, some days a best friend, and some days just somebody to vent to.

Having that person there for you, even when you’re not feeling your best, will help provide you with the motivation to push through your workouts.

Not to mention, our job as personal trainers is to get you excited and pumped up for your workout.  It may be early in the morning, but we’re going to help give you a little pep in your step.


So how do you choose a personal trainer?

I would say that, hands down, the first thing to look for in a personal trainer is their personality.  If you don’t feel like you can get along with that person, and talk to them on a daily basis, then they may not be right for you.  You have to understand that you will be with your personal trainer more than a lot of your own friends.  You will eventually open up to your trainer and talk to them about all sorts of different things that are happening in your life. Find yourself a personal trainer you feel comfortable around on a daily basis and that will be the starting point for a great personal training experience.

Next is a personal trainer with some sort of certification.  Now, I must admit, a lot of personal trainer certifications can be completed in a day or weekend course.  However, the gold standard tends to be the NSCA-CSCS (National Strength and Conditioning Assocation – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist).  The NSCA also has the NSCA-CPT (certified personal trainer).  If the personal trainer you’re looking into has either one, you can trust that they have a great background in exercise and training.

Other certifications you should look for include:

  • ACE
  • NASM
  • ISSA
  • ACSM

Lastly check for reviews, whether that be from a current client or online.  Seeing that other people have trained with this person and enjoyed it will show you that you can probably trust that trainer.  If you can’t find reviews online you can ask other clients of theirs.  Ask them what the trainer’s style is.  Are they easy going or military style?  Do they always show up on time?  Do they provide them with their own custom workouts or just use the same one for every one of their clients?

These are a few questions you should have answered before hiring your very own personal trainer.


If you’re interested in hiring a personal trainer in Richmond, VA you can click this link to schedule your very own free personal training session and consult, based on your schedule.

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