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Have you been looking for a trainer in Richmond?

If you’re ready to start training with a personal trainer today, you can schedule yourself for a free 1-hour personal training session and consult based on your availability.
Finding a personal trainer in Richmond VA that will help you achieve your goals can be a daunting task. But a personal trainer can help you with:
  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Support
  • Correcting form
  • Nutritional guidance
These are all aspects of fitness and health that your trainer will help you succeed at. With the mind, body, and diet approach provided by our personal trainers, we can guarantee that you will see the results you desire.

Lauren Tucker Personal Training Testimional

Megan Rhodes Personal Training Testimonial

Our personal trainers helped Meredith Brooks lose over 20 pounds and 5.5% body fat in less than 8 months.
Personal Training Client Meredith Brooks - Results
So far in my time at ReDefineRVA I have lost 21 lbs, almost 6% body fat, over 8 inches off my belly butt, 4 off my hips, and am down 2 full dress sizes and 3 pant sizes.  I am not only healthier and more fit overall, but am much more confident with myself and my body.
Meredith Brooks

Why hire a personal trainer?

A lot of clients come to us after going to a Gold’s Gym or Crossfit style environment to be a part of our private personal training studio. The only people that are working out at our studio are either working out with a personal trainer or scheduled to work out on our cardio equipment as part of their membership.

We feel that we have created an environment that is extremely supportive and motivational for all of our clients.  The personal trainers we have put in place are easy to talk to and love helping their clients achieve their goals.  We understand that finding the right personal trainer can be a difficult task.

That’s why we set up our staff and studio the way it is today. Our studio feels more like a community than just a gym.  All of our clients are here for different goals and reasons, yet they are all here for the same purpose.  They are creating a lifestyle of health and fitness. It is part of our three-dimensional Mind, Body, and Diet approach that we take with our clients.
Our personal trainers are here to help our clients both in and outside of the gym, whether it is motivation, accountability, goal setting, and sometimes that extra push they need to succeed. We care about our clients and we hope to help as many people reach their fitness goals as possible.
Schedule a free 1-hour personal training session and consult with one of our personal trainers in Richmond VA.