If you’re ready to start training with a personal trainer today, you can schedule yourself for a free consult based on your availability.

Finding a personal trainer in Richmond VA that will help you achieve your goals can be a daunting task. But a personal trainer can help you with:

  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Support
  • Correcting form
  • Nutritional guidance

These are all aspects of fitness and health that your trainer will help you succeed at. With the mind, body, and nutrition approach provided by our personal trainers, we can guarantee that you will see the results you desire.

"ReDefine RVA has changed my life! I have always been active with running, walking, biking, and walking the golf course but I had begun to feel soft and old at age 63. I also began to gain a little weight. At the time I began to think about weight training, I came across the New Years Challenge at ReDefine RVA. Five months later I am (comparatively) a strong, lean, calorie eating machine. Seriously, I am a different person! Demetrius, Ashlee, Cathleen, and Alex are concerned about YOU! Their support will lead you to new heights! Check them out!"

- John Hall

"This is an awesome gym! I’m on college break and my mom purchased me a membership here and I look forward to each of my workouts. If you need to be held accountable this place will do that. If you have food issues this place will get you on track to eating right to obtain your results. If you are new to lifting weights they will teach you every lift step-by-step and make sure you do the lift correctly with the weights right for you. My mom and I love this gym. My mom didn’t find out about DefineRVA on google but was referred to here by our neighbor who has been a member over a year now. Shout out in this review to their trainers Demetrius and Ben, I owe it to them for getting me started!"

- Chloe Daun

"Great place, great people! I’ve personally seen surprising fitness results and I actually look forward to working out! Coaches are super encouraging and will push you just the right amount. Highly recommend if you are looking to start your fitness journey!"

- Kelsey Weissgold

"The trainers at Redefine RVA are all in. With their semi-personal training and nutritional guidance, I have been able to lose weight and gain strength. I look good and feel good. Also, the training sessions are on your own time. Very flexible. Highly recommend!!"

- Alexandria Taylor

"Everyone who works here is great. Great instruction and encouragement. A diverse client base keeps every day fun and judgment free. Best choice my wife and I have made is joining ReDefine"

- Lawrence Altaffer

"So far in my time at ReDefineRVA I have lost 21 lbs, almost 6% body fat, over 8 inches off my belly butt, 4 off my hips, and am down 2 full dress sizes and 3 pant sizes.  I am not only healthier and more fit overall, but am much more confident with myself and my body."

- Meredith Brooks

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