Check out testimonials from some of our personal training clients!

Why did you join ReDefineRVA?

Well I’ve always taken pride in an active lifestyle, but I haven’t lifted anything heavy in a long long long time. And I had a physical with my primary care physician last October and we talked about my advancing weight. I was gaining, you know, half a pound or a pound a year and just didn’t like the way it was going and he suggested that I get into weight training. About that same time, I saw a feed come across my Facebook page and my wife said that looks like a good Christmas present. So she purchased the 10-week session for me and I started last January.

What keeps you coming back?

The staff here are just absolutely fabulous. So supportive and, you know, the other clients are supportive of each other. And there’s no intimidation factor here and that’s what I really like about ReDefine.

What changes have you noticed?

You know it was pretty cool, one of my first measurements that I lost a couple of inches across my belly button and my pants started to fall off and that was a great thing! And then just little things, getting up and brushing my teeth and not recognizing the person looking back in the mirror, it’s been a great thing.

What have you enjoyed the most?

I just feel like I’m among friends here. And I’m to the point where I’d pretty much rather come to ReDefine than anywhere else.

Would you recommend ReDefineRVA?

Absolutely! ReDefine’s a different place, and I just absolutely love it here.

John Hall

“I had a baby in January of 2015 and so I was really looking to lose the rest of my baby weight and then get back to the shape I was in when I got married in 2013. I’d previously been going to sort of big gyms and doing classes there, but their schedule didn’t work. ReDefine has a really flexible schedule. I work at a school, so I need to be at school at 7:30am. ReDefine I can be here at 5am every morning and get my workout in before my husband and my baby even wake up. My goal was actually to lose the baby weight by the time my son turned a year, and I was able to do that. So that was about 25 pounds. I’ve gotten back to my wardrobe I had before I had my baby. And, that’s all good and great! So working out at ReDefineRVA is different because it’s the best of both worlds. I am working on a personalized plan. But I’m also not having to do that one-to-one, rather I’m in a small social atmosphere that’s fun and flexible. I do encourage my friends to come and join because of the level of success that I’ve had. I don’t think I would have the same results other places. I feel like here I’m making an investment. And I make that investment in myself. And I’ve come here a lot more consistently than I ever did at the bigger gyms.”

Lauren Tucker

“The thing that makes ReDefine different for me is the amount of 1-on-1 time you have with each trainer. You really get a personalized attention each time you come. Alan, Roc, Cyp, and Ben, I’ve worked out with all four of them, and they all have their own different style, but each one it’s good to have that change up every time that I come. To keep me guessing, and keep pushing, so I can reach all of my goals. The thing I mainly achieved besides just strength and being more fit and healthier, is just feeling better about myself each day. And I come in the morning, and just start each day off with that workout. Get it out of the way, making the rest of the day pretty much a breeze. I’ve tried a few other gyms since I moved up to Richmond and ReDefine is the only gym that gave me the full spectrum of services, from training, the 1-on-1 attention, and individualized plan to nutritional consults and things like that. So, I think they definitely do a lot of things that other gyms don’t do.”

– Baird Clinkscales

“I’ve been coming to ReDefineRVA for about six months now. My initial goal was to get a comprehensive fitness plan that included everything from nutrition and a really customized workout plan so that I could gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. So far, I’ve lost about twelve inches total off of my entire body. I’m down about 5% body fat. What I’ve really enjoyed about ReDefineRVA is the trainers here really seem to know what they’re doing. At other places that I’ve worked out I was using a completely incorrect form and almost possibly damaging my lower back and then also I just really look forward to the atmosphere when I’m coming in. You know after a long days work, it still motivates me to get in here. Even early mornings on a Saturday which is pretty impressive for me because typically I’m more of the lazy Saturday morning type of girl.”

– Megan Rhodes

“What makes ReDefine special is the personal kind of family touch. I always tell people to come to ReDefine because if they’re having trouble staying dedicated to the gym this kind of forces you into that. And the semi-private personal training helps you achieve your goals a lot faster, with a lot more results. The workouts themselves are really in depth, and everything is recorded. Which makes it a lot easier to see your progress more quickly, instead of just going to the gym for a long time and not seeing anything. My goals for coming here were to lose about 20-25 pounds and just get in better shape and make my life a better choice. I’ve lost 22 pounds, 13 inches, and 3.5% body fat which brought me down to my goal weight. Now my new goal is twenty pounds more.”

– Dieter Parcells

“I started to come to ReDefine about two years ago. As a healthcare professional, I believe going to the gym is very important and staying active throughout your entire life. I’m a previous wrestler, and have high expectations of what my workout should be, and they were able to tailor it for me. My biggest concern was my safety as an older person with some pre-existing injuries. They are very cognizant of my health, and every client’s health, and what exercises you can and can’t do. Several of them have degrees in Kinesiology and have been very conscious of my health care issues. My family and I have previously belonged to a large, uh…no named gym, and we never went. Here, I consistently come anywhere from three to five times per week. You can join a gym, but unless you continue to come it’s useless. Here at ReDefineRVA, they know you, you get your money’s worth, you get what you pay for. My body mass index (BMI) has improved, my clothes fit better, and I have a lot more energy. People notice my improved outlook and attitude at work as well as at home.”

– Andrew Apostle