Review our COVID flyer for safety protocols we have in place to create a COVID safe training environment!

Want to train in person?

1-on-1 at ReDefineRVA

  • Meet with a trainer in a COVID safe 1-on-1 session. We are a private personal training studio which allows for safety protocols to be met, all the while still being able to provide your 1-on-1 personal training
  • We have limited our capacity with no longer training in-studio group sessions, allowing for ample space for you and your trainer in our 3,500 square foot facility
  • Completely customized workouts and personal training sessions based on your goals

Want a combination of in person and virtual/online training?

 Hybrid Personal Training (Our Most Popular Option)!

  • Meet with your trainer in person 4x/month
  • Complete the rest of your workouts using our personal training mobile application in the comfort of your own home/space with workouts customized to your goals, space, and available equipment

Group Training Option

  • Weekly sessions on a set schedule
  • Join any of our virtual group sessions, trained through Zoom, or come join us out at Byrd park (weather permitting)
  • Follow a group workout where everyone does the same workout, led by one of our trainers

Only want to train from the comfort of your own home/space?

Online Only

  • Train anywhere you want
  • Custom workouts created based on your goals, space and available equipment
  • All trained and tracked through our personal training mobile app
  • We cater to your space and equipment restraints

Ready to get started? Schedule your FREE consult!

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If you have any questions about training at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.