Your Weight Scale is a Liar!

Oh how you love the weight scale.

Every-time you hop on it’s like Christmas, maybe you were naughty maybe you were nice.

You wake up in the morning, go to the bathroom, strip down completely and hop on the scale.

Only to realize it’s not going where you wanted it to go.

Maybe it has gone up, maybe down but never down as fast as you would like.Read more

What Can't I Lose Weight? It Just Stopped All Of A Sudden

I received an e-mail from a client last week saying that she was disappointed with her weight loss since she had cut out drinking and started exercising again.

It had been two weeks so far and she had lost two pounds.

Now in the eyes of the trainer that’s great weight loss that’s probably more permanent than just water weight.

But you’re thinking to yourself, “What?! Only 2 pounds that’s terrible!”

Hold on a minute.

The reality is that rapid weight loss isn’t very good for your body.Read more

Is Commitment Holding You Back With Your Fitness Goals?

Believe it or not, everybody wants to be fit.

You want to be fit, the person on the corner of the street eating a hot dog wants to be fit, even the person that eats fast food everyday wants to be fit.

So what’s the problem?

Well honestly it’s commitment.Read more

Two Great Exercises for Burning Fat

Two Ultimate Exercises for Burning Fat

If your goal is to be burn fat, be strong, and get fit, which it needs be, then the following two movements should be staples in your routine!

The Burpee:

The relationship between a person and their burpee workout can be somewhat of a love/hate thing. They’re hard enough to make you cry and see your lunch from last week, but are so great for burning fat that you’ll shortly be smiling all the way into your skinny jeans for good!

Burpee Benefits:

  • The high intensity of this exercise equates to anywhere between 1 – 1.6 calories burned during every rep!
  • Requires no equipment: can be done in the comfort of your own home, a gym, or a hotel room for a business trip
  • Will increase your cardiovascular and muscular strength plus your balance and coordination

Things to consider when doing burpees:

  • They should not be done if you have any shoulder, knee, wrist, or elbow joint issues
  • If you have not done them before, seek supervision on how to properly complete them
  • Take a look below to see our video tutorial on how to do a proper burpee:

The Thruster:

The thruster is another full body, compound movement that is outstanding for burning fat and building functional strength. It combines a squat and an overhead press, which uses more than 15 muscles per repetition. Add this to your repertoire and you’re on your way to an impressive physique.

Thruster Benefits:

  • Can be done with soup cans, dumbbells, kettlebells, a medicine ball, or a barbell
  • Is a low impact movement that doesn’t require you to jump and add force to the knee joints
  • Can be done with lower weight and higher reps for cardiovascular benefits, or higher weight and lower reps for building great strength
  • Can burn up to 15 calories per repetition! Take that belly fat!

Things to consider when doing thrusters:

  • Form is paramount here because it requires a great deal of core stability and proper alignment make sure that you have proper guidance from a professional.
  • Start with lighter weight so you can get a feel for the movement
  • Take a look at our tutorial on how to do a correct dumbbell thruster here:

Whenever burning fat is the main goal of your exercise routine, make sure that you keep great form for each movement and keep the intensity up! Try throwing the following circuit including these two great exercises into your weekly routine to burn upwards of 300 calories in less than 20 minutes:

12 – 1 Reverse Pyramid: Do 12 reps of burpees, jumping jacks, and dumbbell thrusters. Then 11 reps, then 10 reps, and so on until you complete one rep of each exercise. Then you’re done! You might be drenched in sweat now, but you’ll thank me later.

4 Reasons Personal Trainers Rock

And how personal trainers can get you results without fad diets and expensive supplements.

Read more

2017 New Year's Challenge

Join ReDefineRVA and our 90-Day Transformation Challenge!

What is it?

Our personal training studio holds a personal training challenge at the start of every year with some great prizes.


Your training includes…

  • 3x/week semi-private personal training in our private personal training facility
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Access to cardiovascular equipment on your off days from your trainer


Winners receive one of two prizes (one male and one female)…

  • 3 Day, 2 Night stay in Las Vegas for 2 adults at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino
  • 3 Day, 2 Night stay in one of 20 destinations for 2 adults
  • Airfare – 2 tickets for the price of 1 is included for both winners


How much does it cost?

  • $319/month = 20% discount from our original pricing


Can I join the challenge if I’m already a client?

Yes – you can join for only $99 for a chance to win one of the two prizes at the end.


OK, I’m ready to sign up, what do I do?

Just schedule a consultation below based on your availability.

Private Personal Training

Why should you consider private personal training?

Private Personal Training
Trainer providing a semi-private personal training session.

Do you have issues with:

  • Staying motivated
  • Being consistent
  • Pushing yourself
  • Bad eating habits
  • Not knowing what to do

The truth is that working out isn’t easy. Staying consistent is even harder.

Hiring someone to provide private personal training may be the most effective way to get the results you desire.

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ReDefineRVA offers a private personal training experience in our 3,200 square foot studio, split across two floors.

Normally when you hire a private personal trainer, especially at the big box gyms, you’re going to end up having a “private personal training” experience surrounded by well over a hundred other people.

I used to train at a Gold’s Gym, and it was always extremely difficult to find space to train my personal training clients.

During busy hours, I would have to find a small corner somewhere in the gym, and create whatever kind of workout I could for the day. It wouldn’t allow me to properly train my clients like I would in a more private personal training location.

Once my business partners and I started ReDefineRVA, we want to offer a private personal training experience that was actually private.

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At any one time, our studio will only have a maximum of 20 clients in the studio training at one time.

A maximum of six in our semi-private personal training sessions downstairs.

One of the main reasons clients come to our studio is because of the comfort and privacy they receive while training.

We strive to offer a private personal training experience different than any other location in Richmond, VA.

Our semi-private setting combined with the benefits of a semi-private atmosphere.

Although you’ll be in a session with up to five other clients, you’ll have your very own workout program catered to your goals and needs. One of our experienced trainers will help guide you through every one of of your workouts.

We track your measurements in order to keep you on track with your progress, as well as offer a nutrition accountability program to make sure you’re eating healthy nutritious foods.

12 Fat Loss Tips to Burn Through Stubborn Belly Fat

12 Fat Loss Tips To Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat


  1. Eat less than you burn
  2. Add in extra interval cardio
  3. Eat protein with every meal
  4. Stop performing isolation exercises and do heavy compound exercises to boost results
  5. Make sure to portion out your healthy fats
  6. Stay hydrated
  7. Limit starchy carbs to only post workout
  8. Eat breakfast every day
  9. Take fish oil supplements
  10. Get a full nights rest
  11. Stop running like a marathoner and more like a sprinter
  12. Stop doing hundreds of crunches every day

Focus on Fat Loss

fat loss


Fat loss, not weight loss, is important when getting in shape.

The problem is that they have it all wrong.

When you lose weight, you lose both muscle and fat. Although you may drop the numbers on the scale faster this way, you won’t look the way you want to look.

The only thing that keeps your metabolism going, even at rest, is lean muscle tissue.

If all you do is focus on the numbers on the scale, you’re going to lose a lot of the muscle tissue you’ve previously worked so hard to build up.

The better way to go about it is through a proper fat loss program.

This means a combination of good nutrition, progressive resistance training, and effective cardio.


Dropping body fat percentage is a longer process…

Although fat loss can take a little longer to achieve in the grand scheme of things, the end result is a body that you truly desire.

Everybody has muscle, but it is covered up by fat. Now how much fat there is depends on your body fat percentage.

The lower the body fat percentage, the more your lean muscle will show through.

The majority of people out there do not have enough lean muscle tissue on their body to be able to waste it by losing weight too quickly.

You should focus on building lean muscle tissue, while trying to burn off stubborn fat.

The way you can achieve these results is through a progressive strength training program.

When you lift weights, you create tiny tears in the muscle fibers of the muscles you work.

After a period of recovery, your body will repair the muscle, and build more lean muscle on top of that. It does this so that same weight you lifted does not cause the same damage as before.

If you lifted 10 pounds on week one, you would cause some muscle damage. After the muscles have recovered, that 10 pounds won’t have the same effect on your muscles. So you may need to adjust the sets and reps, or increase the weight. This way your body keeps getting stronger, and building more lean muscle tissue.

This is where most people fail on their own. They go to the gym, do the same thing every workout, and never really progress their workouts. This is why many people hit plateaus, and can’t seem to continue to see results.

This is where a personal trainer comes into play. They can create a custom workout for you, based on your goals, and adjust workouts as you get stronger and more fit. This will greatly improve your chances for healthy fat loss.


Focus on fat loss and you will be much happier 🙂

fat loss 3

Losing weight quickly can be a very exciting achievement. You feel like you’ve made it, and figured out the recipe.

What you don’t realize is that you’ve lost precious muscle tissue. Once you lose muscle tissue your metabolism starts to drop, no matter how much you work out.

So as soon as you stop working out as much, or performing as much cardio, the weight will come back on.

You need to preserve your lean muscle tissue, focus on fat loss, and avoid trying to lost weight too quickly.

General weight loss recommendations will tell you 1-2 pounds per week is a healthy rate of weight loss. However, the heavier you are to start, the faster it will come off in the beginning. It’s not unreasonable to see multiple pounds of weight loss each week at the beginning.

If you combine proper strength training, with your cardio and nutrition protocol, you can lose weight while retaining as much lean muscle tissue as possible.

Once you’ve dropped a decent amount of weight, you should focus more on building lean muscle tissue, and getting rid of that stubborn fat.

The fat loss will come a slower rate than pure numbers on the scale, but a small change in body fat percentage makes a big change in the way you look.


In conclusion:

Don’t focus too much on the scale. Instead you should focus on fat loss and your total body fat percentage.

Timing your Strength and Cardio Workouts Throughout the Week.

I've had tons of clients ask me about how they should be timing their workouts.

Can I work out twice in the same day?

Should I do cardio or strength first?fitness girl push up

What about working out on back to back days?

Generally it will depend on what you're looking to do.  You can work out twice in a day and on back to back strength training days.  But you have to be careful to not over exert yourself, especially if you're not used to exercising consistently.

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