Promotion – 2021 Countdown to the Holidays

As you know, the holidays are approaching.

And we all know what this means:

  • Delicious desserts

  • Unhealthy meals

  • Huge portion sizes

  • Travel

  • Parties

  • Etc.

So we’ve decided to introduce a promotion to help you avoid the holiday struggles.

Most people gain a couple of pounds (or maybe a few more) between Halloween and New Years. This year, we want to assist and support you in losing weight, improving your strength and establishing solid healthy habits before 2022 arrives!

As you know, we really care about having our clients achieve the results they desire – we are here to help everyone succeed.

Typically, our clients who experience the best results come in to the studio three times per week.

That’s why we’ve decided to create our Countdown to the Holidays promotion!

It will run from Monday 10/25 – December 12/05. Just enough time to get you started before Thanksgiving and some time after to rebound after enjoying all the festivities of the season!

This 6 week special program includes:

  • 6 weeks of semi-private personal training (3x/week)

  • Nutrition consultation, education and support

  • Private gym access

  • Periodic tracking of measurements (weight loss, inches dropped, strength gains)

3x/week personal training + the proper nutrition = great results

Now we fully understand that personal training can be costly, especially at 3x/week.

Normally this package would be $675 for the training alone, but during our Countdown to the Holidays promotion you can get all of this for just $499. That’s a savings of $176, 26% off!.

Because of the amount of personal attention that we will be providing, we can only accept 20 people into this program, so if you would like to reserve your spot, ACT FAST!

This offer will end at 12pm on 10/25/21, or when all of the spots are taken, whichever comes first.

To reserve your spot you can schedule a free 45-minute personal training session and consult by clicking on the link below.

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