Coaching in virtual fitness

Requirements for good coaching in virtual fitness

As we’ve all been thrust into this virtual, isolated, and socially distant world, many people have been left in the lurch with regards to their fitness and health.


The biggest change that we’ve seen, from a coaching standpoint, is the lack of individual attention and connection as trainers around the world have taken their fitness virtual.


Eric Ries once said, “A pivot is just a change in strategy without a change in vision”.  Our vision, as ReDefine:RVA, has always been to deliver results, transform lives, and provide exceptional coaching regardless of the medium.  So, with the new virtual fitness trend, we’d like to discuss what it takes to give and receive exceptional coaching virtually.

Virtual fitness snapshot

Coaches and clients having fun with virtual fitness

Coaches meet you where you are (figuratively)

One of the most important aspects of coaching is beginning at the beginning, wherever that may be.  That is to say, recognizing where you are, and starting there. No one started working out with Dwayne Johnson’s workouts and got fit.  They started where THEY were and made progress.


Nothing changes when fitness goes virtual.  We will assess your strength and ability level, have feedback and discussion, and provide an appropriate structure and plan for you to make progress, whatever your goal may be (and they may be extremely different right now than they were 2 months ago, and that’s ok!).


Alignment of goals and action

Obviously, one of the main things we as coaches deal with regularly is working towards goals.  Setting goals is important, especially in the short-term, as they will often drive your daily actions.  However, for us, setting immediate goals isn’t enough to create that transformation needed. It usually requires a total change in lifestyle or identity.  It is about what you believe about yourself.  


Example:  I am lazy and not in shape.  With a goal to get in shape, but an identity as such, any successes will not be for the long-term.  If you reframe your identity as someone who takes action for their health and prides themselves on working to get in shape, then you set yourself up for long-term success!


With this principle, we help you align goals and actions, but constantly check-in to monitor you identify.  What do you tell yourself, what sorts of things do you believe about yourself, how can you reframe those thoughts to help you?


All of this is a skill and it comes back to coaching.


Proper exercise selection

There is a big difference between being pushed and being annihilated.  Good coaches know the difference. With virtual training, coaches will still be able to help you scale exercises to something that is challenging for you, but allows you to get better.


Proper communication, feedback, and education aid in this process, which is another pro in the column of coaching.  Things you might hear your coach ask are:

  1. How is that feeling?
  2. Where or what body parts do you feel working?
  3. Is there any pain?
  4. On a scale of 1-10, how difficult was that set or workout?


Appropriate progression

When the time is right, a coach will provide you with new challenges. Maybe at first, doing 3 sets of 10 push ups was a real struggle.  But after some work, you notice that those have gotten a lot easier. Did you win fitness? Is it over?


NO!  The process is about getting better, enjoying your improvement, and being proud of your commitment and discipline you’ve sharpened through all of it.  So of course you’re ready to add some more sets and reps, or start doing them on the floor instead of an incline, or adding some weight/resistance to your movements.  Because that’s who you are!


Form feedback

Something we believe in strongly at ReDefine:RVA is quality of movement (aka form or technique).  This is not something to be “achieved” but something to be worked on and honed over time.


With virtual coaching (1-on-1 or group, which we perform via Zoom), we perform the movements, coach you through them, and are able to see you do them to provide any visual technique cues, as well as giving you auditory cues the whole time.


This way, you can be certain that you are doing the movement right, getting the most out of it and most importantly doing it safely.



At the end of the day, fitness should be an enjoyable process.  Nobody likes getting beat into the ground for no reason! We want to see progress!  We want to get better! Coaches make that happen for you.


Interested in taking advantage of virtual coaching with ReDefine:RVA?  Read more about our virtual training services and schedule yourself a free consultation!

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