Healthy Ways to Overcome Stress and Anxiety During a Pandemic

This week on the ReDefine:RVA Coaches and Coffee Podcast, Ben and Demetrius dove into what it’s been like adjusting to a new life during this pandemic.  Starting with our personal training studio temporarily closing it’s doors voluntarily, to the mandated stay-in-place order from the Governor, our lives have changed a lot.  Speaking with our clients, so have theirs.

So we decided it would be good to discover what it’s felt like and what we’ve heard it’s felt like from various walks of life, as well as certain things that we’ve done to implement some sort of normalcy and routine and the outcomes we’ve seen.

One thing we kept coming back to was grace.  It is so important to give ourselves some grace in this situation.  So many people have been pushing the “no excuses” and “opportunistic” view of the situation, but as always, it’s not that simple.

So please give it a listen, and let us know what you think!

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