How to Work Out at Home (on your own) [Podcast Blog: Episode 5]

Podcast Episode 5 – How to Work Out at Home

This episode starting off with the best intentions to dive into how someone at home can structure a workout, what movements to do, how it’s supposed to feel etc.  And we did touch on all that stuff, but we also hit a LOT of other key points. 

These other topics included:

  • What makes a good at home workout?
  • What your goals are and how you should approach them
  • What sorts of progress you should look for, and what you might be overlooking
  • General benefits of exercise that are way less commonly known/noticed
  • How to progress things at home with your workouts

We also mentioned our free 2-week virtual group training promotion which you can find here.

Take a listen and let us know what you think!

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