The ReDefineRVA 2023 New Years Jumpstart is Coming - Are You IN?

Build Strength, Change Your Mindset, Transform Your Habits, Win Prizes and HAVE FUN During the ReDefineRVA 2023 New Years Jumpstart!

Join the ReDefineRVA New Years Jumpstart and kick off 2023 the very best way!

The ReDefineRVA New Years Jumpstart
Start date: Monday, January 16th
End date: Sunday, March 19th

8 Weeks of Custom Training, Accountability, Mini Challenges and Coaching for just $599!

Think back to the last time you went on a diet or started an exercise program with the goal of losing some weight. Maybe you decided to restrict your calories and engage in countless hours of mindless cardio and maybe that sort of worked – to a point. It didn’t really serve you for the long haul and it might have been a struggle to stay on track.

We’ve all been there and it’s never as easy as we hoped it would be. Diet and exercise are only two pieces of the journey to truly transforming ourselves and revolutionizing the way we view our own health and wellness.

Let us help you determine the best path forward to sustainable, realistic progress toward achieving your personal health and wellness goals using simple tools to encourage and support real, meaningful change.


Sure, a lot of people say they are going to turn over a new leaf each year and get in shape. However, many of them start out great only to fall off track after a couple weeks. That’s where the real work begins. But there is one huge difference: They didn’t have access to the professional support that you do!

So What’s the Blueprint for the Challenge?

The first piece of the puzzle is your training program. Sure, you can work out for several hours a day for a short period of time, and you might even get some results from it. But soon enough, life gets in the way, and you can’t get to the gym as much as you used to. Then what happens? You lose the progress you’ve made and it’s easier to lose focus. Our clients who experience success know that in just 3 workouts each week, you can get amazing results and make training fit your lifestyle—not the other way around.

The second piece of the puzzle is sustainability – is accountability a challenge for you? Do you start off with a bang only to fall off when things get tough? How do we turn short term strategies into success? We start with an accessible plan that builds over time with rewards for perfect attendance, special bonus challenges and weekly raffle prizes to recognize your hard work and reinforce the consistency you build each week.

Along the way you’ll receive expert guidance from Richmond’s BEST Personal Trainers.

There is a formula to true and sustainable change that we have figured out at ReDefineRVA, and we want to share it with you! Using our results-proven formula, you can improve your habits, get stronger, move better and feel generally more healthy and well. AND, you can do it in 3 workouts per week.

It’s Easy to be Swayed by Promises of a Quick Fix

There is so much misleading and false information out there on fat loss that it’s easy to be confused and frustrated. It’s not always easy cut through the myths and find the hard facts that inform and support the right path for you. The truth is it takes time, consistency, focus and a proven approach to guide your efforts toward transformation.

In our New Years Jumpstart, we make it easy for you. You get the workouts, training, coaching, and accountability that you need to experience meaningful change in just 8 weeks.

Tracking and Building Healthy Habits into your Days is Key

Crushing workouts and dialing in your nutrition are GREAT but what about getting quality sleep? Or spending time outdoors and soaking in much-needed sunlight? Are you aware of how much screen time you accumulate on a daily basis? How much non-exercise activity do you work into your days? Do you ever take the time to cook your own meals at home? Is a mindfulness practice part of your daily routine? These things all matter – the great news is that we’ll help you develop implement strategies for building these healthy habits into your days as part of our New Years Jumpstart!

In our New Years Jumpstartyou will get:

  • Coaching by Richmond’s BEST Personal Trainers to ensure you get the most out of your time in the gym
  • Support, motivation and accountability to ensure that you are having success every step of the way
  • Rewards and recognition for completing bonus challenges and consistently engaging in well behaviors
  • And so much more!

New clients

Two options to choose from:

Option #1: Semi Private Personal Training – $599

  • 8 weeks of 3x/week in-person Semi Private Training Sessions
  • Templated workout plan geared toward improving body composition and strength
  • All sessions tracked and completed using our personal training app, Trainerize
  • 24-hour messaging response time to answer any questions
  • Access to our Trainerize accountability group
  • Up to a 1-hour onboarding session with your own personal trainer to review:
  • Your goals and needs
  • Training plan and Trainerize app walkthrough

Option #2: 1:1 Personal Training – 10% discount off regular pricing

  • 8 weeks of 1:1 custom, in-person training here in our studio space
  • Up to a 1-hour onboarding session with your own personal trainer to review your goals and nutrition needs ($85 value)
  • Training plan and app walkthrough
  • Movement analysis
  • Customized workouts to catered to your goals and needs
  • Access to our Trainerize accountability group

PLUS, You Could Win Free Training and Nutrition Coaching!

Registration Closes on Sunday, January 15th!

Grab Your Spot In ReDefineRVA's New Years Jumpstart Today!

P.S. – You can’t get this 8-week program with any other gym. There are some good programs out there, but NONE of them provides you with all the components to making true, sustainable change.
P.P.S – Our workout and accountability and challenge program are the keys to your long-term success. In just 8 weeks, you will feel better, improve your day-to-day function, learn healthy habits, meet other cool people, be rewarded for consistency and win some cool prizes!