Top Personal Training Studio in Richmond VA

Our personal training studio offers the best of the best in terms of a training environment.

  • Personalized service
  • Expert trainers
  • Private atmosphere
  • Comfortable workout environment
  • Camaraderie of semi-private sessions

You could go to a Gold’s Gym, or ACAC, and train in a one-on-one session, but you’ll be in the same room as hundreds of other people.

At our personal training studio right near Carytown, you would only have up to five (5) total other people in a semi-private atmosphere.

Our personal training studio offers an extremely comfortable environment for you to work out in.

Our highly skilled trainers will walk you through your workouts, provide instruction on technique, help adjust weights, and make sure you’re doing everything necessary to see results.

I used to train at a Gold’s Gym and couldn’t stand having to train my clients in a tiny space in the corner during busy hours. At any one point, I would have to completely change my clients workout due to the fact the gym was too crowded.

Once I left and came to a private personal training studio, everything was different. There was no more overcrowding, the people that were training were driven towards results, and the trainers truly cared about their clients.


Eventually ReDefineRVA was created. A personal training studio that is, well, personal.

Our 3,200 square foot personal training studio is split across two floors.

Downstairs we offer our Semi-Private Personal Training, and upstairs our 1-on-1 Personal Training sessions.

In the front we have our office, as well as some cardio equipment.

Everyone that comes to our personal training studio is driven, and truly wants to make a change.

Our lifestyle of fitness model encompasses instruction in strength training, cardiovascular training, and nutrition.

We strive to create an environment where you can feel comfortable while working out. It’s an easy-going atmosphere, with a great group of clients and trainers.

Our personal training studio isn’t just a place to train, but it’s a community of like minded individuals striving to improve their fitness.

If you’re looking for a personal training studio in Richmond, VA, we’d love to have you come by and check us out.


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