Private Personal Training

Why should you consider private personal training?

Do you have issues with:

  • Staying motivated
  • Being consistent
  • Pushing yourself
  • Bad eating habits
  • Not knowing what to do

The truth is that working out isn’t easy. Staying consistent is even harder.

Hiring someone to provide private personal training may be the most effective way to get the results you desire. ReDefineRVA offers a private personal training experience in our 3,200 square foot studio, split across two floors.

Normally when you hire a private personal trainer, especially at the big box gyms, you’re going to end up having a “private personal training” experience surrounded by well over a hundred other people.

I used to train at a Gold’s Gym, and it was always extremely difficult to find space to train my personal training clients.

During busy hours, I would have to find a small corner somewhere in the gym, and create whatever kind of workout I could for the day. It wouldn’t allow me to properly train my clients like I would in a more private personal training location.

Once my business partners and I started ReDefineRVA, we want to offer a private personal training experience that was actually private. At any one time, our studio will only have a maximum of 20 clients in the studio training at one time.

A maximum of six in our semi-private personal training sessions downstairs.

One of the main reasons clients come to our studio is because of the comfort and privacy they receive while training.

We strive to offer a private personal training experience different than any other location in Richmond, VA.

Our semi-private setting combined with the benefits of a semi-private atmosphere.

Although you’ll be in a session with up to five other clients, you’ll have your very own workout program catered to your goals and needs. One of our experienced trainers will help guide you through every one of of your workouts.

We track your measurements in order to keep you on track with your progress, as well as offer a nutrition accountability program to make sure you’re eating healthy nutritious foods.

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