4 Steps to Weight Loss

And 3 reasons you’re going about weight loss the wrong way. Step #1 – Track your calories for weight loss. Whenever I have a nutrition consult with a client about weight loss, this is the first thing I bring up. The reason for this is because it works.  It’s as simple as that. Anybody that…

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Nutritional Consults and Guidance

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We all know how difficult it can be to eat healthy. The fatty foods, the sugar cravings, they’re real. There’s no doubt about it. You head to the grocery store and instead of picking up fruit, vegetables, and lean meats you head straight to the “snack aisle”. Full of: Sodas Chips Candy Cookies Desserts Pretty…

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Richmond Fat Loss

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You Can Benefit From A Richmond Fat Loss Program Using A Richmond Fat Loss Trainer Can Get You Started On The Road To Improving Your Body And Your Health Losing weight tends to be on the forefront of fitness these days for most people.  The problem is that it can be very discouraging if you…

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